Study English in scenic Oxford, England with Kaplan International

In some ways, Oxford looks like something out of fantasy; Great Britain how it’s always seemed at the movies, but with a dynamic new twist.

Despite its old-world charm, Oxford is full of energy and life. The city somehow manages to sneak modern conveniences into every corner, without losing its traditional English character - where other than Oxford can you find a ‘Starbucks’ in a three storey townhouse featuring antique cast iron windows? As you appreciate the grand old architecture and picturesque British countryside of the ‘City of Dreaming Spires’, you’ll feel like you’re reminiscing on fond memories, but in actual fact you’ll be making new ones you’ll never forget.

The allure of the enchanting city of Oxford is also undoubtedly down to its most famous attraction. Oxford University’s academic prestige attracts thousands of passionate and brilliant people from all around the globe, including Kaplan International Colleges’ students, who give the historical UK city a new lease of life. Such a concentrated mix of imaginative minds has produced a thriving social scene where everyone is catered for, no matter what your interests, from punting on the river Cherwell and classical music concerts, to contemporary restaurants and stylish bars.

It’s no good describing Oxford though…you really have to come here to understand the city’s remarkable spark, and with Kaplan’s Oxford English Language School, you can do just that.

If you've already fallen in love with Oxford, leave a comment to let us know why.

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