Study English in friendly Portland, USA with Kaplan International

Learn English in Portland, USA with Kaplan

Like nothing better after a hard day’s work than to settle down to a refreshing drink with friends at a cozy pub? Then you’ll love the US Northwestern city of Portland.

Portland has drawn away from the mainstream in every way, mixing an inventive spirit with stubborn independence to create something unique and wonderful, especially when it comes to its huge brewing industry. Pull up a chair with other Kaplan classmates in one of over 70 welcoming ‘brewpubs’ Portland has to offer and sip real American beer just a few meters from where it was lovingly brewed; you can’t get fresher than that.

This stubborn need for quality and originality is continued in everything Portland does, so it’s going to be expensive right? Wrong. With free railway services covering the downtown area and tax free shopping throughout the city’s great range of stores and boutiques, it’s the perfect place to live on a student budget while studying English with Kaplan International Colleges. Why not use some of that spare change exploring Portland’s Saturday Market or get 3 mouthwatering courses for $25 at one of the city’s many fine restaurants during dining month.

Not only is Portland good to your wallet, it’s also good to the planet. Known for being America’s ‘greenest’ city, Portland is as caring and sharing towards the environment as it is to its visitors. Portland is also green in another way: the temperate climate of ‘the City of Roses’ is perfect for local plant life. From the fiery orange maple trees of Portland’s Japanese Garden to the English feel of the International Rose Test Garden, there is always somewhere to find natural beauty and tranquility amongst the hustle and bustle of this lively US city.

The city that’s proud to be itself, Portland is eagerly waiting to show you all its incredible home-grown specialities, from beer to wildlife; you’d have to be a fool to turn it down.

Already taken up this once in a lifetime chance to discover Portland? We welcome your comments to let other readers know what makes Portland so special

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