The Anatomy of a Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is probably one of the most popular holidays in North America, and a lot of that comes down to the amazing foods that fill tables across the country.  This is the perfect time for extended families to get together and show their love and appreciation for one another, all while feasting on a delicious meal.

So what are the kinds of foods you'l find on a Thanksgiving plate? Brush up on your vocabulary so you can impress your friends with your knowledge of this North American tradition.


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A North American feast


Thanksgiving Feast


Becoming part of the tradition

If you’re not native to North America, the cultural traditions of Thanksgiving will be completely new to you, but this is a perfect chance to spend some time with your American friends and experience that life-changing first taste of pumpkin pie.

Did you know: American Thanksgiving and Canadian Thanksgiving are on different dates. Because Canada is so much further north, their harvest season comes sooner. That means they need to celebrate two months earlier than the Americans do!


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