Snowy Snapshots of North America


For those of you that are studying English in our sunnier locations such as California and Australia, you may not have noticed that it has been snowing in the UK and across Northern America and Canada.

It may be cold, but that doesn't mean that snow isn’t fun right? Here are some of our students enjoying the snow in New York, Washington, Boston, Toronto, and Vancouver. Take a look at the beautiful snapshots they caught of the freshly fallen snow.


Snow in the USA

snow New York

Shared by @matostory in frosty and picturesque New York City. 


snow Boston

Shared by @victoriaaguileraa in a completely snow-covered Boston.


snow Washington

Shared by @reine_licorne in still and beautiful Washington, DC. 


snow New York

Shared by @gukolonko during the snowfall in chilly New York City. 


Snow in Canada

snow Toronto

Shared by @pamcardoso in Toronto, ready to press some fresh footprints in the untouched snow.


snow Vancouver

Shared by @anikabalser during a stunning sunset in chilly Vancouver.


snow Vancouver

Shared by @linesilvano in in the beautiful forests of Vancouver. 


Is there snow in the Kaplan destination that you're studying in? Let us know in the comments below and share your photos on instagram with the #KaplanExperience hashtag. If you need to brush up on your cold weather terminology, check out our guides for winter and autumn vocabulary.

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