How to Use Instagram to Make Your Friends Jealous

We all love to travel, but how can we showcase all the amazing things that we see and do while we are abroad? It used to be that you would take photos and wait to have them developed when you got back home, but nowadays sharing your experience is instantaneous (and definitely a great way to make your friends jealous of all the great experiences you have while you explore the world). Here are a few tips for the best ways to display your travel photos and make your friends back home jealous.


Climb high, and then climb some more!

The most spectacular views and landscapes are always found from up above. Taking a walk up a hill, or simply finding an elevator could be 100% worth it and will mean you get that scenic photo you’re after. Did you know that Kaplan’s New York Empire Sate school is located on the 63rd floor of the Empire State Building? Our students get to see the most amazing views of the Big Apple every day!

Instagram Los Angeles
@revalente capturing a stunning view of Los Angeles from behind the world-famous Hollywood Sign


Capture the native wildlife

Nothing brings out the ‘I’m studying abroad’ look more than a photo with some of the country’s wildlife. If you’re in Australia go and cuddle a koala at one of the many sanctuaries, or better still try spotting a wild one! Maybe you’re studying in the US, in which case a trip to the Wild West for some horseback riding could be the best experience for both you and your Instagram.

Instagram Perth
@ninanhaiaa meeting a kangaroo in Perth, Australia


Instagram food

Shots of food are becoming more and more popular these days, with healthy eating and multiculturalism at its forefront. Skip the expensive high street chains as often the most cultural food experiences are slightly harder to find, but it’s worth it! Speak to locals, and read travel guides. Melbourne in Australia is famous for its alleyway restaurants with its huge range of different foods to try, or often a small pub in the English countryside can the best way to go.

Instagram New York
@jeesoooo_shin enjoying a tasty ice cream in New York, USA


Spot the landmarks

Studying abroad often gives the chance to live right near those landmarks you have always seen photos of but maybe never had the chance to visit. Did you know that Kaplan’s school in Washington DC is just a 10-minute walk from the White House?

Instagram London
@__aanniii snapping a shot of one of London's famous red phone boxes


Share the moment with friends

When studying abroad, you’ll meet loads of different, interesting people from all over the world. Let your friends back home know that you’re having a great time with great company! Thousands of photographers/instagrammers would have already taken an amazing photo of the landmark you want to capture. The bit that makes your photo unique is the people you’re sharing the moment with.

Instagram Toronto
@andsval and friends posing for a memorable photo in Toronto, Canada


Catch the sunrise and sunsets

For some reason, we tend to appreciate a beautiful sunrise or sunset more when we are abroad. Perhaps it is just because it gives us a setting we are not used to. Getting up early for that pink and orange sky or catching the sunset a bit later on can produce a truly amazing photo, and shows a different view to a city than what you or your friends may have seen from other photographers.

Instagram Auckland
@adrianpirlet enjoying a breath-taking sunset in Auckland, New Zealand


Look at different ways to take photos! Get creative, using different ways to make your photo unique and interesting. Explore your surroundings as you never know what you may come across or who you might meet! Do you have any instagram photos you want to share? Don’t forget to post your photos with the #KaplanExperience hashtag so they can be seen by your friends and the wider Kaplan community.

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