The Essential Skype Pre-Interview Checklist

Thinking of working abroad? It’s pretty likely that you’ll have a few Skype interviews before you can secure a position at a company in an English-speaking country. So how do you prepare for an interview that isn’t going to be in person?

With so many new technologies connecting prospective employees with businesses, it’s easier than you think to make the move into an international career. You can meet face-to-face with hiring managers all over the world without ever leaving the comfort of your own home! We’ve paired up with our friends over at Inspiring Interns to ensure you are as confident and ready as you can possibly be for your next Skype interview. Take a look!


Essential Skype checklist


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Got a big Skype interview coming up? Here are the most important things to do before you answer that call.

Dress for the part – Research shows that wearing a suit improves abstract thinking and overall performance – and makes you look the part!

Tidy room, tidy mind – No interviewer wants to see yesterday’s boxer shorts draped over the couch behind you – tidy things up a bit!

Have a backup Wi-Fi plan – Wi-Fi can be treacherous; ensure you have a phone that can function as a hotspot, or a Wi-Fi alternative nearby.

Create a safe, private space – Nothing is worse than you’re mom barging in; let your family/roommates know you’re in an interview.

Practice, practice, practice – Have you tried rehearsing with a friend? This will help you get more comfortable with the online interview format, especially if English isn't your native language.

Make sure you’re technically ready – And by technically we mean technologically. Use headphones and, if possible, a microphone to ensure sound quality is optimal.

Don’t be afraid to cheat – Well, not really. But having some notes about the company pinned to your screen wouldn’t be the worst thing…

Relax and smile – It’s not as scary as you think! You got an interview because of your qualifications. Now it’s time to wow them with your charm.


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