Prepare for the TOEFL with Kaplan International

Ever heard of the TOEFL? No it’s not a mystical creature; it actually stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language and is the number one way to prove your English language fluency to a possible employer or education institution. Nowadays the top US Universities and colleges require high TOEFL scores before you can even get onto one of their courses, so if you want the unmistakeable career benefits of an American degree, you’ll need to make sure you’re well prepared to take on the respected TOEFL exam.

As a world-leading Exam Preparation specialist, Kaplan International Colleges are here to help. Kaplan offers its reliable TOEFL iBT and Academic English program at over 20 of its dedicated English Language Schools in the most thrilling city centre locations across London, Canada and the US.

With 20 lessons from our experienced teaching staff per week, in classes no bigger than 15 students, plus 15 weekly hours of structured study outside the classroom, you’ll be amazed at how rapidly your English fluency improves over the 4-16 week TOEFL course. You will also have the unique chance to regularly test your progress, using our top-of-the-range technology facilities to complete TOEFL simulation tests in our computer laboratories.

As well as learning valuable English skills, including a strong focus on verbal skills, while preparing for the TOEFL you’ll also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture of your chosen destination. At Kaplan’s English Schools, our activities advisors plan out exciting daily activity schedules; so you get to enjoy all the best local attractions while you practice speaking English with your newfound friends. At the same time, our student-friendly accommodation options and school facilities ensure your new home is the perfect place for both socializing and studying.

Can’t wait to become part of American student culture in some of the USA’s most thriving city locations? If your current TOEFL score is 53 or higher, you could be joining the 91% of Kaplan students who recommend our TOEFL course and stepping onto the path towards the University and career of your dreams; don’t miss your chance!

If you still have a few questions, or you want to let other students know what our TOEFL course has done for you, why not leave a comment, we love hearing from you.

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