Learn English in thriving New York, USA

It takes just one example to demonstrate the magic of New York: on any of its streets, at any time of day or year, you can almost guarantee at least one shop or stall will be selling t-shirts labelled with the iconic phrase ‘I ♥ NY’. If all the thousands and thousands of people who buy these novelty items are so willing to declare their love for New York on the front of their chest, there surely must be something very special about this city.

Just in case you aren’t convinced yet, here’s a little more to make you want to take your first bite of ‘The Big Apple’ with one of Kaplan International Colleges’ language Schools. Perhaps the best way to start your New York adventure, and also one of the most exciting, is to take in the whole of this enormous American city at once from the passenger seat of a helicopter, flying over the towering skyscrapers, and past the proud Statue of Liberty. Back at ground level, why not wander down ‘museum mile’, picnic in Central Park or take your seat at Yankee stadium to watch New York’s best baseball team score a home run.

Of course it’s not just the daytime that’s jam-packed with entertainment in New York. The city that never sleeps also offers unrivalled nightlife for you to enjoy while you study English with Kaplan, from the glittering theaters of Broadway to the finest bars and restaurants of Times Square.

Further downtown, the ambitious energy of New York is captured perfectly in the Bronze form of the Charging Bull statue on Wall Street, the financial capital of the USA. When you study at one of Kaplan’s three New York Schools, you too could harness some of this unstoppable professional prowess with your newfound English language skills; just one more on a long list of reasons why you too will ♥ NY’.

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