Learn English in sunny Brisbane, Australia with Kaplan

Here’s a riddle for you: you’ve only got one chance to get away from your busy lifestyle, so where should you go? You want a blissful beach break but also a thrilling big-city getaway. You’d love to explore a remote tropical rainforest but also have an action packed sporting adventure. Surely this problem has no solution?

Actually it does: Brisbane lies with its toes dipped in the warm waters of the South Pacific Ocean, sheltered by the dramatic rainforest covered mountains that rise up behind the city. Here you can skydive from 14,000 feet over mind-blowing views of the deep blue seas of Byron Bay one day and meet Australia’s cutest Marsupial, the koala, the next. In fact you’ll still have time in between to grab a plate of fine international cuisine with some of Kaplan’s other English language students, at one of Brisbane’s many top-quality restaurants.

Brisbane itself is a hive of activity and home to Australia’s premiere live music scene, so you can enjoy the latest local talent in one of the city’s many lively bars while you sip an ice cold XXXX beer which, incidentally, is also brewed in Brisbane. As well as first-rate nightlife, students from the three local Universities and Kaplan's English school in Brisbane can also watch live sporting action at Suncorp Stadium or check out the city’s great range of shops.

So where’s the catch? Do you have to battle through hoards of noisy crowds and deal with unfriendly locals in order to experience this prime location? No actually; Brisbane is famed for being laid-back and down to earth and its beautiful natural surroundings give the city a spacious feel, despite its high growth rate.

Just a quick warning though, Brisbane’s population is predicted to double in the next 50 years – enroll with Kaplan to get there now while it’s still the planet’s most undiscovered gem!

Are you one of the lucky ones who's already discovered Brisbane? Then why not leave a comment to share your best stories and city tips?

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