From Kaplan to Comedy: Laura

On the day that Laura Bolivar graduated from our Kaplan English school in New York, the principal approached her and asked her if she wanted to give a speech on behalf of her classmates. She improvised, using the experience she gained doing theater and comedy in her native country, Venezuela, and came up with a fun and lively speech in English. While everyone laughed and smiled along, she had an epiphany – "if it's worked here, it may be time to try it in front of a stand-up audience."

The experience Laura had studying with Kaplan allowed her to expand her vocabulary and gain confidence in her ability to make people laugh in a foreign language.

"Before Kaplan, I was very shy about expressing myself, but thanks to the dynamism of the classes, I am more fluent in my ability to speak English!"

Kaplan to Comedy – New York City
There are so many career paths you can follow in a city like New York – Laura found hers right away!


New York: A city like no other

Where better to learn English than the 63rd floor of the iconic Empire State Building? This world-famous structure is right in the heart of one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. While here, Laura was able to achieve her goal of improving her English skills while making friends from all over the world. It's also where Laura's dream for sharing her talents and and sense of humor in English was born.

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English comedy with a Latin American flair

After her studies, Laura decided to take a professional step towards her stand-up comedy career in New York, participating in lively comedy cubs across the city. Her stand-up generally related to her experiences as a Latin American in the United States, which made the routine captivating and unique, and got her a lot of attention.

"I'm still doing stand-up comedy workshops because I think it's a good way to improve my English. I've also recorded some videos for a YouTube channel from a New York-based production company that produces comedy via the internet."

Interested in seeing some of Laura's routine? Follow her stand-up comedy YouTube channel.


We are delighted to be part of Laura's success in New York, as her time at our school has been instrumental in her career as a comedian. She took the plunge and continues to push herself every day to achieve her goals in this exciting area of entertainment. Are you ready to expand your academic, professional, and personal skills? Or maybe English has helped you progress in your current career. Share your stories with us in the comment section below.

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