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There are a million different reasons to learn a new language. Some people learn English for their travels while others see it as a vital tool to jumpstart their career. For Brazilian student Marcia Stipanich Martins, studying at our English school in Toronto was the essential next step towards starting her own business. Through our University Placement Service (UPS), Marcia was able to gain acceptance to Humber College and start her post-graduate degree before opening up her own business in Toronto.

Marcia career
Marcia studied Intensive English in Toronto for 4 months


Living and learning in Toronto

Canada is a popular destination for students and tourists alike. With it’s stunning natural beauty, friendly locals, and exciting career opportunities, it’s is an ideal destination for anyone looking to improve skills in all aspects of their lives.

Marcia studied for 4 months on our Intensive English and English for Academic Pathways courses, which allowed her not only to improve her language skills, but also to discover a love for the city of Toronto.

“I wanted to experience an intercultural environment. Canada is a place that accepts people from all over the world. The economy is stable, the weather is hugely different from that in my home country, and the diversity is unique. We had many activities during the Kaplan English course that helped us to have a better understanding of the culture, the resources, the issues, and so on. I felt well prepared for my transfer to college!”

career Humber College billboard
Marcia was even featured on Humber College's downtown Toronto billboards for their business school!


Kaplan’s University Placement Service

Kaplan provides valuable resources for those looking to continue on to a university program in an English-speaking country. With UPS, we are constantly connecting international students with over 250 higher education institutions in a number of English-speaking destinations.

“I needed to improve my English and took English for Academic Pathways to get ready for college. Through my agency in Brazil and Kaplan, I already had a conditional offer for Humber College to study Business.”

With the help of our UPS advisors, Marcia was able to transfer to Humber College and start her post-graduate business entrepreneurship degree.

graduation career
From inquiry to enrollment, we're here to help every step of the way


The Entrepreneurial sprit

While at Humber College, Marcia gained the skills she needed to start her own business in Toronto. With her new English abilities and the knowledge acquired at university, she was able to open up her own store, The Cool Store, which specializes in stylish products created by exclusive artists, ranging from homeware and office supplies to glassware.

“I studied Entrepreneurship, which is a really hands-on course that approaches the different skills set for a entrepreneur. My confidence is growing and I feel like it will help me move forward with my company.”

Marcia career business
Here's Marcia showing off the logo for her company, The Cool Store


Want to know more about how you can study English with Kaplan and then advance onto university in an English speaking country? Feel free to ask us any questions in the comment section below, or get in contact with one of our advisors for more information.

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